National Aviation Security Inspectors Course

Course Dates: Open-ended
Enrollment Dates: Enroll Anytime
Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English
Price:  840 €
Duration: 7 days
National Aviation Security Inspectors Course

About this course

This seven-day course is designed to provide aviation security personnel with theoretical and practical knowledge of audits and inspections as part of a National Quality Control system. Participants who successfully complete this course will be prepared to plan, coordinate and conduct quality control measures utilizing Annex 17 and ICAO methodology in accordance with approved programmes.

Entry Requirements

Trainees should satisfy the following criteria:

  • have written and oral command of the language of instruction;
  • at least three (3) years of operational experience in a position within organizations mentioned in the target population;
  • persons who will have direct involvement in the implementation of a quality control programme


At this stage, no National Inspectors Courses have been scheduled. In case you are interested to attend a course at a later stage, please free to fill in the Course participation interest form, without any commitment from your side : you will then be kept informed on any future courses, whilst additional courses may be included in case of sufficient interest

Course providing trainees with theoretical and practical knowledge of fundamental aspects of the audits and inspections as a part of a National Quality Control system. Trainees are provided with a standard methodology as well as specific techniques. The course is concluded by an exercise conducted at the airport

Course Objectives

Enable selected personnel to:

  • define aviation security audits and inspections;
  • determine the duties and specific skills required by an inspector;
  • determine the appropriate methodology necessary to conduct security inspections within the scope of a National Aviation Security Quality Control system;
  • prepare for, conduct, and present findings related to an aviation security inspection within the context of an exercise.

Target Population

Nominees should have already attended a specialized AVSEC training activity, such as the National Quality Control Programme Workshop and/or have regulatory experience prior to attending this course. In order to receive a certificate of successful completion, participants will be required to pass an end of course exam based on Annex 17, the Security Manual Doc 8973 (Res) and materials presented during the course