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EASTI offers workshops, courses and blended learning in English, French and Dutch.

Its objectives are to :

  • conduct aviation security classroom and e-learning training courses covering a wide range of issues. This scope is being enlarged to safety and facilitation issues
  • build a European Information and Documentation Centre on Aviation Security, i.e. a publications library, a newspaper archive and a video library. Today it already provides the largest and most complete book, video and DVD library on aviation security worldwide.
  • operate as a research centre for training methods and equipment. Currently EASTI operates a CBT-system for selection, training and certification for operators of detection equipment, and other security personnel.
  • function as a European e-learning and blended learning centre on aviation security.
  • cooperate closely with other ICAO ASTC’s and support national (non commercial) avsec training centres
  • cooperate closely with the stakeholders
  • contribute to ICAO, ECAC and EC projects as regards the development of training courses and training aids. Special attention is given to the ICAO Standardised Training Packages (STP’s) and workshops, of which EASTI develops the European versions by incorporating ECAC recommendations and EU regulations.
  • coordinate aviation security training efforts in the European Region
  • promote a joint partnership between all avsec training centres, host discussion forums and organise workshops between avsec training centres on  training methodologies
  • promote interregional cooperation in the field of training by organising joint courses and workshops and by setting up a worldwide elearning network

EASTI is a joint venture between ICAO, ECAC, EC, their Member States and the industry. It is organised on a non commercial basis : fees are kept as low as possible, whilst all income is reinvested in the development/updating of courses under the supervision of the Board.

Courses are open to government officials and participants from the airport and airline industry.

Its instructors are leading experts in aviation security, generously made available by ICAO, ECAC and EU, their Member States and non-governmental international organisations including ACI-Europe, AIRE, CLECAT, ECA, ERA, IFALPA and PostEurop.